Wool this way

This week it’s Wool Week in the Netherlands. Not a bad timing, since the temperature dropped this week (omg it’s freezing outside!). The Wool Week is an initiative of The Campaign of Wool, which inspires and informs about the use of this natural product. There are a lot of ‘sheepskin-festivities’ all week, but two of the […]

Jeans X Pajamas

Twelve different pieces made by hand. Made exclusively for Love Stories. Excited yet? I am! Because who doesn’t want unique pieces in their wardrobe? Mick Keus, who transforms vintage Levi’s 501 jeans into tailor-made jeans, designed a limited edition collection for Love Stories Intimates. The so-called Love Stories jeans will be available from the beginning of November. […]

Travel: Sicily

We all know Sicily as the Italian island where you can walk the famous volcano Etna, as the island of The Godfather, of the bright yellow lemons and the delicious Pasta alla Norma. I recently went on a trip to the island in collaboration with Belvilla, in quest of that perfect Dolce far Niente feeling (and […]

Afrovibes 2015: Me..

Last week when I was walking down the road I saw a big poster screaming Afrovibes. At home I immeditalely looked this Afrovibes-thing up. A whole new world opens up for me. It was so colorful and full with unique shows. I’m always in for a culture related event. From hair and beauty events to […]

Go Go The Hague!

When thinking of The Hague, you think of things like the ministry, the Dutch Royal House and the beach. And when on a shopping trip in The Hague, you quickly end up in the larger shopping areas (that is, when you’re not from The Hague yourself). Something which is a shame, because The Hague has […]

Afriek Pop-Up Shop

The Dutch brand Afriek combines Dutch design with African culture and craftsmanship. Rwanda is a country with a tailor culture which goes way back. That’s why Afriek creates, in the city of Kigali, in collaboration with local tailors the most beautiful blazers, created by fashion designer Jo Luymes. The people behind Afriek searched for a long […]

Amsterdam in a bot..

It’s already on the market since a year, but since I missed the introduction of it because of my stay in Cape Town at the beginning of the year, I just recently discovered it. What I’m talking about? A perfume, called Eau d’Amsterdam. Yes… a perfume supposably smelling like the scent of our canal trees, […]

Shards Flowers

Using thousands of ceramic shards, artist Zemer Peled (born and raised in a Kibbutz in the northern part of Israel) constructs sculptures that resemble beautiful blooming flowers. Her works combine a variety of colors and designs; to construct these works, Zemer uses a slab roller and creates sheets of clay that are glazed and fired. […]

First wedding glim..

Yessss….. there it is… the first teaser photos of our beautiful wedding two weeks ago, shot by the amazing On a Hazy Morning, who are working on our bridal portraits. Can’t wait to see and share the rest of it with you soon! #StijlmeisjeWedding

Munch: Van Gogh

Although Munch and Van Gogh never met during their lives, they worked in a similar way and both created some powerful and intense works in the same period. There are striking parallels between the two; they both approached traditional subjects in their own radical way. They both moved to Paris and were hugely influenced by […]

Portuguese Naughty..

Sometimes all you want to wear is a simple jeans and a nice shirt. And sometimes you want something less ordinary then your basic american apparel. For one of the best alternatives you have to go to Porto (or just go on the internet to save a ticket). Pájaro Malandro (naughty bird) is a collective of designers Alvaro […]

Flower Fairytale

A fashion show (The Manor Blooms) made up out of living statues covered in flowers. These living art pieces were on display in the historic art-deco mansion on Nes 116 in Amsterdam last month and were created in collaboration with Dutch designer Edwin Oudshoorn and mooiwatbloemendoen.nl. Edwin Oudshoorn spent his childhood between flower bulbs in his hometown […]