Stijlmeisje Sessio..

Stijlmeisje Sessions - Liloe Rix

May I introduce to you: the first Stijmeisje Sessions! The ingredients: a swell location, every time a different singer/musician, and 1 cover. We recorded the first Stijlmeisje Sessions at Mediamatic in Amsterdam, starring Liloe Rix singing her own beautiful version of Armin van Buuren’s (feat. Trevor Guthrie) ‘This is what it feels like’. Go and watch it! CREDITS Artist: Liloe […]

Go go go Rotterdam..

Stijlmeisje Rotterdam Route

Yes…. I can’t deny it anymore, I fell in love. Not with a person, but with the city of Rotterdam. Until six months ago I might have been only 2 or 3 times in this city. But when I came there this fall to visit the exhibition The Future of Fashion is Now, I had […]

Talking about grea..

Sushi - Stijlmeisje

You can eat it in a fancy restaurant or you can even get it delivered at your front door if you like: sushi! Nowadays there are dozens of places where you can order and eat sushi. Last week I sat down my (sushi-loving) self at a table at The Oyster Club for a taste of their […]

Suits Sounds

Suits Sounds - Stijlmeisje - Lifestyle Blog

My addiction of the moment is the series Suits. Harvey, Mike, Rachel, Louis (his quotes…. omg!!)…. I just can’t get enough of them.* Not only because I like the series main story (which focuses on Mike and Harvey as they try cases for the firm while maintaining Mike’s secret) and the great fashion style, but […]

Hit the slopes

Fusalp - skiwear - Stijlmeisje

In one week I will hit the slopes again and while looking for the latest ski fashion I found out that the slim-cut turtleneck (including snowflake silhouettes) and ‘retro’ ski pant is totally contemporary again nowadays. All because the brand Fusalp is back on the market again… Back in the sixties and seventies, Fusalp (founded […]

Wall phrases

Bxxlght - Stijlmeisje - Lifestyle Blog

Phrases in a frame on the wall… You can spot them everywhere at the moment. Online AND offline; it’s full of poetic sentences, famous lyrics, spot-on words, fun sayings. And yes, I have to admit, I’ve subjected myself to this hype too. Although the “the ceep calm and….” phrases gives me the creeps. Overrated and […]

Po(li)sh Spice

Spice Girls - Victoria Beckham - Nail Polish - Stijlmeisje

She just opened a flagship store in London, won the Brand Award at the British Fashion Awards, appeared on her fourth British Vogue cover and turned 40(!) last year. If you think this power woman has any reason to stop expanding her empire, you’re wrong… Former Posh Spice Victoria Beckham just continues to surprise us again and again. […]

Textual pampering

Mwah - Groos - Sinterklaas - Stijlmeisje

Yessss…. To quote The Cure at this very moment: “Friday I’m In Love“. Not only because the weekend finally starts, but also because tonight it’s Sinterklaas-evening! But there is even more, as today I also fell in love with concept store Groos in Rotterdam. More about this swell store later on, but I do want to highlight already […]

Big Black Bag

Blacktote - Roselien Beerten - Stijlmeisje

Yohji Yamamoto once said: “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: ‘I don’t bother you – don’t bother me‘” No better way to describe the characteristics of a (perfect) black bag. Because in the end: every woman deserves a […]