Tropical phenomeno..

tropical silhouettes - Stijlmeisje

Tropical fruit and plants… It seemed almost every designer/brand used a pineapple or cactus in their collection last year. So why not do something fun with this huge (and maybe a bit overrated) trend? Roselien decided to depict the hype for Stijlmeisje by creating some swell silhouettes to emphasise this tropical phenomenon:

Marlene Dumas

Marlene Dumas by Sella Molenaar

Marlene Dumas (Cape town, 1953) is one of the most influential and successful artist at the moment and the best selling Dutch artist ever. No wonder the Stedelijk Museum is having a huge retrospective of her work at the moment. By showing almost 200 works, mostly paintings, this exhibition gives an overview of Dumas’ work […]

Stromae x Mosaert ..

Stromae Mosaert Maestro - Stijlmeisje

Last week I went to the concert of Paul van Haver a.k.a. Stromae in Amsterdam and it literally blew me away… Before I saw him perform I knew the guy, but wasn’t a huge fan. But that all changes after seeing him on stage. Wow, what a show: the light effects, the energy, the vibe, […]

Vivian Maier Stree..

Vivian Maier - Stijlmeisje

Until the 28th of January you can visit the beautiful exhibition “Vivian Maier, Street Photographer”, at Foam. It features the work of Maier whose impressive photos were only discovered at the end of her life. Her photos (the subject is hugely popular nowadays) caused a worldwide sensation. She pictured the city streetlife in big American […]

Studio April

Studio April - Stijlmeisje

Craftmanship, leather and recycling. What do they have in common? It all comes together at Studio April leather goods. They turn leather from couches, chairs and jackets into fashionable bags. I personally love the idea of that upcycling-hype that’s so popular right now.  It’s also because of the fact that we just like the Studio April bags, […]

Che bella donna

Sophia Loren - Stijlmeisje

Sometimes powerful, enduring relationships can develop between photographers and their subjects. Which was definitely the case with Alfred Eisenstaedt and the beautiful, radiant (and one of my personal favourite all time style icons) Italian film legend, Sophia Loren. Eisenstaedt could bring a sparkling interaction out of Sophia that other photographers somehow missed, or simply failed […]

Nomads of the Worl..

Nomads of the World - Saba Tark - Stijlmeisje

Yesterday I visited the exhibition ‘Fashion, the musical‘ in Centraal Museum Utrecht. The museum added two chambers to this exhibition where you can view the work of upcoming talent. It’s a series of exhibitions in which the museum and the HKU (Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht) present the work of promising talent. The series kicks off with […]

Korean flavour

Lee Chaerin - Korean Style - Stijlmeisje

I love to be inspired by influences from all over the world. Especially, when it comes to fashion. There are in the end unique differences between the western and the eastern parts of the world. What’s really interesting is how fashion developed itself in Asia. In particular in South Korea. Beside the fact that I appreciate the […]

Countdown to Cape ..

Vlisco olifant - Cape Town - Stijlmeisje

Only 6 weeks left and I’m leaving for Cape Town. The countdown is going so fast! Wow!!! Can’t wait!! I will be working and living over there for 3 whole months. But what are the things which I certainly have to see, taste and experience over there? Share your ideas with me, they are more than welcome. […]