Classic meets Stre..

Classic meets Street - Stijlmeisje

Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov photoshops scenes and figures from classical paintings into modern-day life scenes. By doing that Holbein’s famous The Ambassadors is for example transported to the table of a seedy bar. The results are playful, entertaining images of the present and the past.

White Socks

White Socks - Normcore - Stijlmeisje

Already familiar with normcore? Well, since a little while, it’s a new word into the fashion lexicon. You can define normcore (a neologism of the words “normal” and “hardcore”) as an anti-style… a unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious, average-looking clothing. Imagine oversized sweaters, simple sneakers, slippers AND white socks. Yes white socks, those things […]

Film Fashion Canne..

Cannes Film Festival - Stijlmeisje

Till Sunday 24th May the Festival de Cannes takes place. Every year you can see the most stunning actrices and models going down the red carpet. Love this voyeur-kind-of-thing (my favourite of this year is Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton Resort 2016…). But what about the films? By the sheer profusion of red carpet looks […]


Kunstenaarsbal - Amsterdam - Stijlmeisje

How would a Kunstenaarsbal (artists ball) be like? This Saturday I’ll find out! It’s the third edition of ‘Het Kunstenaarsbal’ and it will take place in the city theatre of Amsterdam. During this multidisciplinary arts festival the different worlds of art, photography, performance, theater, film, audio-visual art and music will come together at one place. […]

5 X New and Swell ..

5 new Amsterdam hotels - Stijlmeisje

Where to stay when in Amsterdam? I selected 5 new and swell hotels for you. Successful stay guaranteed!: INK Hotel INK Hotel is housed in the old building of newspaper De Tijd. That feature also explains the hotel’s name (ink); throughout the hotel you get references from that period. They named the ‘drink & eat’ […]


ArtDeli Amsterdam - Stijlmeisje

Since a couple of weeks Amsterdam has a really cool new meeting spot for lovers of art, design and food: ArtDeli. The perfect combination I was always looking for! ArtDeli is an initiative of cultural entrepreneur Jessica Voorwinde and combines an exhibition space for art and design, a bar designed by Lex Pott, a kitchen […]

Morgana Wallace

Morgana Wallace - Stijlmeisje

Sometimes I can think of myself as being a creative person, but then, when I see work from artists like Morgana Wallace… I just wisely keep my mouth and look at their work with respect and admiration. Morgan Wallace creates mixed media compositions made from layers of cut paper with details added using watercolor and […]

Sella Molenaar X T..

Ted Baker - Sella Molenaar - TedGoesDutch - Stijlmeisje

A couple of weeks ago I told you that I had the honour to meet and speak to Mr. Ted Baker. The reason for that was the kick off of a special collaboration between fashion brand Ted Baker and De Bijenkorf. One of the swell things of this collaboration was that Sella Molenaar made illustrations on Ted Baker bags during some […]

Wedding Sounds

Stijlmeisje Nuptials

I wanna share a ‘little secret’ with you guys today… Last month, on our last day in Cape Town, my boyfriend proposed to me! And yes… I said YES! Wow, I’m getting married! You can imagine I’m more than over-excited and over the moon. Of course I don’t want to bother you guys too much with my […]

Freedom necklace b..

Freedom necklace by MOAM Collective - Stijlmeisje

Today and tomorrow, the 4th and 5th of May, The Netherlands commemorate the victims of the Second World War and celebrate their liberation. Every year on the 4th of May we remember the dutch victims of wartime violence and the following day, on May 5th, we celebrate our freedom. And this year we mark 70 […]

5 x Foodblog Photo..

Sassy Kitchen - Stijlmeisje

Food photography is something which has become a really big thing the last couple of years. The amount of food blogs has grown enormously and that means at the same time that food is also more and more the subject of photography. Good food photograpy can work very inspirational (unfortunately there is also much food-blog-crap…). […]

Oh summer where ar..

Love Stories - Stijlmeisje

Oh summer where art thou? Especially when I see these new swell cherubic summer campaign pictures of Love Stories…