Generation 2015 MO..

Generation 2015 MOAM - Stijlmeisje

After the collaboration with Hema (remember those rookworsten shirts?) Dutch collective MOAM presented the fastest multi-disciplinary exhibition ever held in the Netherlands: Generation 2015. The event took place at the Looiersgracht in Amsterdam last wednesday and only lasted three hours. It claimed to be the unpolished reflection of the creative zeitgeist of the year 2015. […]

Silky, soft and re..

Kate Moss - bath - Stijlmeisje

You may have read the Kari Traa sportswear article and that we encourage ourselves to work-out more often. The base is set: good health is our goal, looking good comes with it. Having that thought in mind, we now intend to relax and spoil our body also. I’m talking about skin treatments! So I started this […]

Sportswear for Nun..

Now that we all are back on working track after the holidays, project fitness is there to face us at To stimulate ourselves to get more excited about working out, we’ve been on the hunt for fashionable fitness gear which we can add to our routine. If you’re going for a run outside or at the […]

Postcards for Ants

365 Postcards for Ants - Stijlmeisje

Can’t believe I’m already almost two weeks living and working in this great city called Cape Town. The weeks just flew by! Settling in over here goes quite easy; combining discovering the beautiful, swell and fashionable spots of Cape Town (and her surroundings) with working. Happy also that I found myself a nice work spot, Twenty Fifty, […]

John Galliano for ..

Galliano for Margiela SS15 by Sella Molenaar

Say ‘bye bye’ to Margiela’s minimalism and ‘hello’ to Galliano’s theatrical extravagance! The debut of John Galliano for Maison Martin Margiela for the spring-summer 2015 ‘artisanal’ collection was a triumphant comeback to the fashion scene for the designer but leaves little left of the Maisons heritage of white, clean silhouettes. Instead it was drapery, leather […]

Hairstyles from th..

3. behind the ears

Edgy, soft, romantic or super sleek…  This year again, Fashion Week 2015 shows all hairstyles on the runways. From pony tails to braids, take a seat and watch as we sum up the hair trends for spring, fresh from the runway. 1) The pony tail Whether it was crimped, sleek or back combed heavily, the pony […]

The House of Yoga


Unfortunately 2015 did not start out quietly. Especially after last week it’s not strange that you might be in need of something that appeases you in some way. A way to find peace within yourself is to go to the new online platform called The House of Yoga. At this platform you can follow classes […]

Je suis Charlie

charlie hebdo - Stijlmeisje

It’s one of the most saddest trends at the moment, but we can’t ignore today’s internet trend: je suis Charlie. It all started yesterday when the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris was blindsided by a shooting massacre…  Heartbreaking… the shooting costs twelve people’s lives of which eight were Charlie Hebdo employees. Many others were wounded. It’s […]

Home Front Amsterd..

Home Front Amsterdam - Stijlmeisje

Yeah…. today is the day; I’m flying to Cape Town for three months. That means I have to miss Amsterdam for a while, which is not such a big sentimental thing, since I’m the kind of person who needs some change of environment once in a while. A new adventure, city and meeting new people […]