Monday Morning Ses..

No better way to start your Monday with a smile! But that’s sometimes easier said than done… Why not give you a little hand? So that’s why singer-songwriter Liloe Rix brightens up your Monday singing the best songs at my or her place! This time it’s a very special edition of Monday Morning Sessions because we recorded a number […]

Silhouettes of win..

Another arty autumn-creation this week on Stijlmeisje, this time by Roselien Beerten who made some “Dreamy silhouettes of winter coats inspired by the colourful autumn”….  

Embrace the Fall

We are in the middle of fall, the days are getting shorter and colder. But it doesn’t have to affect your mood and creativity. These fall goddesses I made will show you how they ‘embrace’ the fall….  

Sitting at the Che..

So there is this table where you are sitting practically in the kitchen. It’s called the Chef’s Table, and that’s where we got to meet the new master chef Kasper Stiekema of restaurant Bluespoon in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. Kasper Stiekema While sitting at the table, enjoying the fact you can see practically everything the […]

Cutout art

Shamekh Bluwi makes beautiful fashion cutouts out of paper. Ingredients? A lot of concentration, discipline, creativity and a nice background. Really follow Shamekh also on Instagram for your daily dose of inspiration!  

Beauty gifts

It’s that time of the year again: Santa Claus is (almost) coming to town. And every year there’s the samen ‘problem’, what kind of gifts shall we give? Every friend and family member has it’s own character and preferences. What would you give your mother, your niece or a distant aunt? Not the easiest task, […]

Museum Night Amste..

Last weekend it was Museum Night in Amsterdam. Together with Stijlmeisje I made an overnight route along the many museums (more than 50!) which were open that night. The evening kicked off at the Tropenmuseum where we discovered the world of the 60s, a silent disco and some interesting things of the Moroccan culture. Then […]

Travel: Düsseldor..

With about 26 museums and more than 100 galleries, Düsseldorf is an art city pur sang. In Germany this reputation is widley known, but outside of the country people most likely know the city for it’s Christmas market… Too bad! Because Düsseldorf is definitely worth a visit for other reasons than Glühwein and shoddy Christmas products. I took […]

Pumpkin Cocktail

When you walk into a Starbucks with the enthusiasm of a 4 year old and call yourself a coffee lover, you might get a skeptical look or two. But hey… they do make great sweet lattes to mix up your espresso routine. I’m a fan and for all the other fans out there, we came up with a […]

Yoga Goddess

Meanwhile I’m almost 8 months pregnant. But I still do want to stay fit. Luckily my condition is at a good level because I went to the gym twice every week for my work-out. Just like when I wasn’t pregnant. But now the last month of my pregnancy is approaching I find that I have more […]

Art X Humor

Justyna Szczepankiewicz (how do you pronounce that??!) is a Polish illustrator based in Montreal, Canada. If you like colourful illustrations with a funny twist, you sure will like the work of Justyna. That’s also her goal: making illustrations that will make you smile. Personally I really love the one with the naked woman doing yoga. […]

Detox Bible

More than a year ago I did a detox weekend, quite intense, but really refreshing for mind and body. I like being conscious concerning my lifestyle, but I’m not a total health freak. That’s why I like the book The Detox Kitchen Bible so much: it shows you in an easy way how to become/stay […]