Ted Goes Dutch

Ted goes Dutch - Ted Baker - Stijlmeisje

This Monday was the kick off of a special collaboration between fashion brand Ted Baker and De Bijenkorf. Untill the 10th of May all the department stores of De Bijenkorf will be dominated by Ted Baker products, actions and give aways (just follow #TedGoesDutch). It was also last Monday that I had the chance to […]

Ship Ahoy!

Sperry Top Sider - Stijlmeisje

One of the weird ‘fashion’ phenomena in life is the boat shoe, that is… according to me. Before the 1980’s they were used by sailors, just as the name suggests.* The pattern on the back of the shoe provides grip on a wet deck and the leather repels water. But it’s since the 80’s that […]

Style Talks

Style Talks - Ciaominish - Stijlmeisje

A SELECTED BUNCH OF PEOPLE, 10 SHORT QUESTIONS AND 10 FASHIONABLE/REFRESHING/INSPIRATIONAL/AMUSING ANSWERS. THAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS FOR STYLE TALKS. THIS TIME I TALKED WITH SARAH VIGNON, OWNER OF CIAOMINISH. CiaoMinish is a poetic universe, made of nomadic and tropical inspirations, from books and childhood, with a lot of good karma and good mood. Created two years ago by […]

My Style Tour #3

My Style Tour - Philips - Food and Coffee - Stijlmeisje

May I present to you: the 3rd part of the #MyStyleTour series in collaboration with Philips! In the kick off campaign video you saw me packing and preparing at home in the Netherlands for Cape Town. In the second video I visited the design and fashion highlights of Cape Town. In this third video you’ll see me discovering the food and coffee culture in […]

Fra Lippo Lippie

Fra Lippo Lippie - Stijlmeisje

Sometimes you bump into products, which at first sight don’t look that special, but are beautiful in their simplicity AND because of the story behind the product. One of these things is Fra Lippo Lippie lip balm. Yep… a lip balm… A couple of years ago Monie Jagroe was tired of her office job. So […]

Top 5 Cape Town Co..

Top 5 coffee bars Cape Town - Stijlmeisje

After 3 months of tasting around it’s not difficult for me to make my personal top 5 of Coffee Bars in Cape Town. Living in or going to Cape Town? Be sure to stop by one of these coffee hotspots: 1) Bread Milk and Honey Open from Monday to Friday from 7am – 4pm, offering […]

Talkin’ Glut..

Talkin' Gluten - Food - Stijlmeisje

When living in Cape Town for a while you’ll notice that all of Cape Town residents are pursuing a healthy lifestyle. That is… most of them. It’s also not a really difficult thing to pursue; sport facilities are cheap, sport possibilities are uncountable and the food culture is in general very healthy. The food bars […]

Con amore

In cucina con amore - Sophia Loren - Stijlmeisje

Maybe you already noticed I have a soft spot for all things Italian, and one of these things is Sophia Loren. I devoted an article to this special donna earlier but now there is a fresh reason for a new mention… That is: her famous recipe book In cucina con amore is being published again! The first edition […]

Time to improve!


Once in a while it’s time for some good reflection… And in the case of my website (it now already celebrates it’s 2,5 year anniversary!) it’s also a good thing to ask you, yeah I mean you, what I can do better/different/less to improve the website. In the end it’s most important that the people who […]

Back to reality

Cape Town - MyStyleTour - Stijlmeisje

And that was the end… the end of my 3 month stay in Cape Town…. Wow, that went fast. Too fast! Last Saturday I arrived back on Dutch ground and well, that was a cold encounter. Miss the beautiful weather, nature and people I’ve met already. My 3 months in Cape Town consisted of a […]

First Dutch Coache..


Yay, Hollands first Coachella is… an April fool’s joke. Sorry guys, had to do it. Unfortunately the festival isn’t that nearby, but I wanted to talk about this great festival that I really need to visit once in my life. The official name of the festival is ‘Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival’ and it […]

South African Brai..

The Cut - NY mag - braids beauty - Stijlmeisje - South Africa

The Cut, New York Magazine’s fashion blog, is sending photographers around the world for their Global Beauty Week, to find out what makes the women of one city look dinstinctive from another. Because in the end, are there any beauty trends? Is it really that French women have the best and most bedhead…? For their […]