DJ put a record on..


It has been a while since I shared some swell music with you guys… So let me pick this up again and breathe some new life into this. Let’s start with some nice songs I picked up during my stay here in Cape Town the last couple of months. Some are breezy, some are funky, […]

[VIDEO] Safari Sti..

Stijlmeisje Safari South Africa

Last week you might have noticed it was a little quiet on the website. Not without a reason; I was on a safari here in South Africa! My first ever safari and not just a regular safari, but a horseback safari… Wow, that was one big amazing experience. I even saw two rhinos just a […]

[VIDEO] Cocoliciou..

Coconut water recipe - Stijlmeisje

It’s a really long time ago that I got myself a fresh coconut water from a coconut that’s just been cut fresh from the tree. It must have been six years ago, when I was on my vacation in Suriname. In such hot weather I swear by coconut water: the taste is delicious and coconut water is super […]

Spot the movie

Oscars 2015 - Stijlmeisje

Yesss… again it was hard to not know that tomorrow the 87th edition of the Academy Awards will take place. Who will win an oscar for best actor/actress and movie this year? And who will get the best dressed and worst dressed ‘award’? Not such a big film buff or Oscars fanatic? Than you certainly do will […]

Inspirations by Dr..

dries van noten inspirations - stijlmeisjedries van noten inspirations - stijlmeisje

Last week I visited MoMu in Antwerp to see Dries van Noten newest exhibition. It was a more than special visit, cause Dries van Noten himself was there to lead us through his collection! How awesome is that. I’d never expect that I would get to see such a great designer in person. It even made me a […]

Southern Guild

Southern Guild - Justine Mahoney - Stijlmeisje

Yesterday I was on the road to shoot some swell footage for my upcoming films in collaboration woth Philips. One of these films is all about the best design and fashion spots in Cape Town, at least according to me… The first spot we went to to do some filming was Southern Guild. Southern Guild is founded by […]

Save all your kiss..

Save all your kisses for me - Valentine's Day - Stijlmeisje

Save all your kisses for me… Valentine’s Day, 2015 – Roses for Stijlmeisje



As the old saying goes, “One immaculate picture is worth one thousand perfectly arranged words.” Maybe the website 1:1000 added an adjective or two to the adage here and there, but all the contributors intend to do it justice. Such a simple idea, with a dazzling effect. Watch some swell images I selected and click on the link […]

[VIDEO] Cruisin..

Cruisin' Cape Town - Stijlmeisje

When living in Cape Town, a car is quite essential (besides having a skateboard…). At least if you’re the kind of person who likes to explore things around. When I arrived in Cape Town first thing I did was therefore renting a car. What I didn’t realized until than that, of course, people in South-Africa […]

Baggy Eyes Monday


Under eye bags, T-bags, dark under-eye circles… call it how you want it, but they certainly aren’t pretty things to have. Especially not on a Monday…. But what are these things and why don’t they just disappear? Stijlmeisje is maybe not that into beauty-beauty, but we do are curious about these modern ways of beauty […]

24hrs Volkshotel

24h Volkshotel - Stijlmeisje

While Imke is in warm and sunny Cape Town at the moment, the cold daily life back in Amsterdam continues. So last Friday night I pulled on my most warm outfit and cycled, through the snow, to the exhibition ‘24hrs Volkshotel‘ at Volkshotel. An exhibition about, what else, 24 hours at Volkshotel. The hip and […]

Food Feast

Convivium Food Feast - Stijlmeisje

Last Sunday I went to a beautiful place called Kalmoesfontein, a vineyard about 100 kilometers outside Cape Town. The farm, owned by the Badenhorst Family, was the amazing scenery of the Convivium Festival that Sunday. The Convivium Festival is a food collaboration between South Africa’s top chefs and aims to showcase food, chefs and producers in […]